A writer doesn’t write well

about the worlds he has never known

or the people

distant, from the fringes of his imagination.

He writes best, about what he has felt

about the worlds, within worlds

and the games, within a game

and the words that he knows, and none other.

So many of us feel inadequate, to write our own story, with the words we would use

or to judge our experience

as worthy

to be talked about.

A writer must trust what comes to his mind

and not look for something else.

Family and friends

discover that I’m writing, and when they read my stories

they say, “Why are you writing that? Why don’t you write like…”

fill in the blank

the truth is, I don’t know why I write the things I do

I have heroes

a drunkard and a womanizer is king

a lover of nature, and a philosopher who went mad

the city and country have different smells and sounds

I don’t prefer one to the other

although, solitude is sacred

A writer should focus on the simple truths that he knows

and not worry about his own ignorance.

Someone with more education will tackle the big questions

while the writer deals with the small ones

that scientists, psychologists, and philosophers


like the little fishes, that stay small,

caught, and thrown back.

So, I write about the small fishes

that I know

and the small places

that I go

It’s my mud puddle, and I don’t care about the deep ocean waters

that I can’t possibly fathom.

10 thoughts on “It’s My Mudpuddle

  1. There are all kind of writers. Some write about things beyond imagination, while some write from heart. And some do both.
    But its true, you can’t force these things. Non-writers do not get it. And you shouldn’t let that get you.
    Good luck.

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    1. Yes, there are all kinds of writers… few speak to me, and I don’t understand why few speak to me… it could be, that there are all kinds of people, or it could be, there are many who are writing, just for the sake of writing. If there are worlds to know, I ask the writer to introduce them to me like a best friend.

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