the world doesn’t want words

and that’s why I write them


we should form our values

and measure our worth

by them


a life that doesn’t make sense to others

is not a senseless life, if it makes sense to you


I was always worried about being lost, out in the cold

so, I stayed inside, without the heat on


He asked me, “Why do you write, if you don’t make money?”

I said, “I write, so that my life makes meaning.”


This is true… if I go for a day without writing, I feel constipated

like the words can’t come out

there is always something to write about


when people get in my way

I write about them


there are days, when the world turns against me

I write about it

and there are days, when the world turns for me

I write about it

When nothing happens, I read poetry

to know, I am not alone


there is only enough room in my life for three or four friends

Mine are, Bukowski, Thoreau, Nietzsche, and Barnes

three of them are found in books, the other, is flesh and blood


women who can’t be caught

will become tired butterflies

caught in the rain


for all the improvements I pay for

nothing is as valuable

as spending time

with myself


those who can’t look at you

can’t see themselves


we need to look death in the eye

without fear

to understand its intentions.

15 thoughts on “Aphorisms on a Cloudy Day

      1. My experience went as follows.
        A fellow community volunteer has been exacerbating my TBI symptoms by his actions. Despite various attempts to help him understand he just would not. Then following one exchange after I walked away I realized he just could not understand. He just didn’t have the emotional capacity to understand. He lacked empathy.
        My attempts to explain added to his pain. When I realized that the pain of his past was being made worse by my attempts for understanding.
        The next chance I had I have him an unconditional apology, no exceptions even related to my TBI.
        When he later accepted my apology he would not look at me. He put several conditions on his acceptance.
        He has no understanding of the negative impact of his words and actions towards me.
        He could not see me (look at me) and therefore didn’t understand what he was doing mostly to himself. I saw in him a most disturbing level of wounding being exposed.
        If anyone else had uttered those conditions to me I would have been angry. I had no anger towards him. Just extreme sadness.
        Your phrase captured that experience. Thanks.

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      2. Hi Jasper, I was touched by your story. Thanks for sharing. It’s not easy to do life with other people, but life without people isn’t worth it. If we have a philosophy that allows us to enjoy others, we can be rich indeed. I’ve been looking for this… There are many philosophies, and the best ones, are difficult to practice.

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    1. Hi edav121, how I got started writing consistently, was journaling every morning with my coffee. I do this in notepad, on my computer. There are no corrections. I just write my thoughts, and the poems and the stories come out. I call my saved document: Andy’s Dream World. It’s the special place I go, where nobody can follow. I hope that you get back to writing. It will save you. 🙂

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