I have an idea for a self-help book

It will take the timid office worker

and turn him into a superman—based on my own ideas

researching the most deviant amongst us (Cult Leaders, Serial Killers, and Madmen with Vision).

I am not interested in controlling others

I want to control myself.

The answers are in the library.

Recently, I found hidden knowledge

It’s amazing how many people are seeing, but not perceiving

hearing, but not understanding.

I discovered a secret, and it’s changing me

I am becoming more intelligent

I know what you’re thinking… this guy has delusions of grandeur

that’s okay, because, if we don’t believe in ourselves, who else will?

People can’t prophesy a black swan flying at midnight

I have become that graceful creature

from the ugly duckling

I once was.

It’s hard to accept all the wasted time

like building a house without a foundation.

Now, my strength comes out of nowhere

to lift a car off a grandma

or play notes, without my mind

I was lost.


I am found

in faith.

I see others, and they don’t see me.

I know, the Power

inside me.

Though I am silent, I get stronger

like waves, crashing on top of me

the world only knows a winner

so now, it is time to win.

I don’t care about victory

I want to test my philosophy, to see if it is real

against the fighters

who shout me down.

My voice speaks,

without saying anything.

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