The safety clicked off. “Gentlemen, if you will be so kind to put your hands above your heads…”

“But I thought you were on our side,” Gregson said.

“That’s because food has gotten between you and your brain. I would like to introduce to you, the woman responsible for putting the right thoughts in my mind, Doctor Evelynn Johnson,” the Governor said.

Doctor Evelynn smiled, like a woman who had finally won. “Men aren’t the problem—it’s years of football games, and cave-man ideas that hinder the human race. As you probably are figuring-out, I control this island. It was I, who cut off Jeremy’s balls. It was I, who suggested brain surgery to the fat cats of America who want docile women to play-with after brainwashing has failed.”

“So, the Governor isn’t head of school?” Gregson asked.

“He is, and when he failed miserably, the most powerful men in America wanted their money back. They were pleased with my plastic surgery option, and when they found out I was a certified brain surgeon, they asked me what science could do for their wives, after philosophy had failed. Ideas change in the blink of an eye, but a computer can be controlled by the programmer. Science and technology working together to save the world.” As she said this, she interlaced her fingers like Steve Jobs.

“But all those women who can’t think for themselves…” Murphy complained. “You are responsible for that. Don’t you understand the hypocrisy?”

“I make sure they do what the men want. They have been wearing aprons, and nothing else, cooking cookies, and serving guacamole on Superbowl Sunday.”

“Why did you do this?” Gregson asked the Doctor.

“For the money of course—and for the fact that I have a Plan B option.”

“Plan B?”

“The male destruction button,” Evelynn said. She held it in the palm of her hand.

It was a big red button.

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