Hi friends, I’ve been working hard to become a successful writer, and my hard work finally paid off. Here is the link to my story that was just published in Mystery Tribune Magazine. The story is called The Ghost Writer: https://www.mysterytribune.com/the-ghost-writer-suspense…/

68 thoughts on “I got Published!

  1. It was an amazing read! Dream-like yet so grounded and close to the core. Congratulations!! I saved these lines.. “you’re writing it all the time—it’s constantly in your thoughts—it’s how you perceive the world, and the surest way to stop writing, is to think writing begins and ends—it just keeps going.”

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  2. Congratulations – nice story. Great observation about typewriters, they do indeed “… cut into the paper.” Our writing tools change our writing. Nietzsche noted this phenomenon when he began to use a typewriter.

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