I like to remind myself that the only difference between genius and madness

is success—and that success in the eyes of the world, doesn’t mean much, because they elevated fools

to celebrity status, for not doing anything

and actors (people) can only hold a temporary smile

because of the coke they do in the bathroom, before their interviews

and that any job, regardless of the status of that job, becomes a job

after 200 interviews. Most glitter

is illusion

the beautiful girlfriend from Russia

the blue Porsche with a big payment

the big house—the empty house

yet—I don’t disbelieve, genius is possible

it’s rarely recognized

because it doesn’t ask to be recognized

it takes its own advice and suffers from it

it listens to its own opinions

genius is a decision to voluntarily accept madness

it’s a life out of balance

the sacrifices made won’t make any sense to anyone

but you

People will tell you where you went wrong

at your lowest points

But voluntary madness has its own rewards

the world makes sense to you, because of your madness

while people are driven mad by the anonymous chaos, that is supposed to make sense

to a sane person

until sanity has to pretend it’s sane.

I was at a diversity training, yesterday

and they decided they wanted to play a game

There would be Group A (the majority)

and Group B (the minority)

I was in Group B, so I would get to feel oppressed.

The black woman running the conference made me wear a purple necklace.

I consented

I had to leave the room with the minorities

whereby, we were instructed to ask yes/no questions about an upcoming diversity conference, and we couldn’t use the words “race, racism, or diversity” in our questions. As usual, I was completely confused. I think it’s because I’m taking melatonin at night, and I have been told it can cause early-onset dementia. I can’t sleep because of my crazy job.

Supposedly, this exercise will help me understand how LGBTQ are less privileged and feel oppressed in the classroom.

Teachers call it a safe space, but it’s not. There are rules, and there is an authority.

I was about to be tested.

We walked back into the room, and the English Teacher (who I like) started asking questions.

“Will you have good food at the conference?” She asked.


The teacher asked more questions, while I sat there, watching the insanity unfold. One of our minority group members was so nervous, she just kept taking notes.

I asked a stupid question, and the teacher asked another stupid question.

“You have to do the chicken dance,” the majority said.

The teacher tried to resist, but started plucking, and dancing, and waving her arms. I was horrified.

It reminded me of the Zimbardo Prison Study, where students became guards and prisoners. I was trapped with morons, and they wanted me to do the chicken dance.

“Bok,” I said.

“No, you didn’t do it right,” the majority member told me.

“Well, I’m not going to do it,” I said.

He called the principal over. “He won’t do the chicken dance!”

“You have to do the chicken dance,” the principal said.

“No, I won’t.”

“It’s part of the diversity exercise. You have to do it!”

“Go fuck yourselves!” I said.

They were deer in the headlights. They didn’t know what to do.

Afterward, we were told “This is a simulation of unjust authority, telling you to follow the rules. All of you complied, even though it didn’t feel fair,” the black lady said.

She wasn’t paying attention.

I thought about what I was asked to do.

It confirms that the government, the state, and the school, are fools.

I recognize myself to be the only authority.

The principal is a desperate man,

clinging to his job. How can you respect that?

We have to do diversity exercises, so the powers that be


they can control us.

Genius means that you think for yourself.

The other kind of madness is despicable.

14 thoughts on “The Other Kind of Madness

  1. It is no-so-commonly said that “Man is the only animal that *needs* to be controled”.

    You might want to (if already haven’t) read Nietzsche on Übermenchs on the emancipation of man.


    “and actors (people) can only hold a temporary smile”

    You might also want to read “Told On Two Pages”, which I wrote (hope this doesn’t sound egocentric).

    I’ve appreciated several clever points throughout your writing.

    Best of lucks.

    Liked by 1 person

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