If you have belief, you have all you need

and if you let them steal that from you

the more the miserable.

What is the distance of your faith?

How far are you willing to go?

To the extent of which you believe, is the extent to which you are limited.

Without limits, is the only way I want to live

the goal is not to attain great things

but to have the power to move mountains.

Those with no belief, live in reality

and they can only move objects with their muscles

what they can’t see with their eyes

is invisible

Everything that exists

was created from nonexistence.

Magic, is taking nothing, and making it something

you can’t be a non-believer and practice faith.

So, how do we start?

Simple. Keep a secret, and tell yourself it will come true.

Most people can’t.

They complain, “It’s not happening.”

What you believe, might only make sense to you

People need others to believe, for them to keep the faith

but these are all nonbelievers

It takes faith, to do what nobody else is willing to do

If you get this far,

nothing can stop you.

No temptation is worth the sacrifice of faith

humble yourself—and pray

God have mercy on my dreams

they keep me awake, while everyone is asleep.

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