Happiness happens when you least expect it

like that beautiful woman who smiles at you in the sun.

She was 22, with perfect body. When she lifted her weights

she made these sounds, mating sounds.

She had tattoos, and regular traffic down there

like a subway system

but I didn’t care.

The other women were too difficult to woo

the ones I might marry

they didn’t answer my messages, or accept my friend requests

It seemed like nature had other plans

I have always gone with the flow

but lately my river is backed-up like a dam

and nature wants me more than ever

It’s the Hollywood slogan, “Saying ‘no’ is the sexiest word.”

Perhaps, good-looking men are too good for marriage

and their destiny is to populate the world with unplanned pregnancies

Am I evil for saying this?

These are the thoughts of an idealist

before being devoured by cats

A letter written to love’s losers

to a raped world

a sonnet, spoken to myself

If not for God, who else?

there is plenty, on the dining table of lust

I’ll take two helpings of purple dream delight

it’s sweet, and I’ll sleep better, after

My only sin, is writing these words

if you are reading them, I have led you astray

into my estranged mind, that wants someone to love

I have always seen what isn’t there

her golden hair, falling

to her easel shoulders

Her dress covers her with modesty, and doesn’t hide her beauty

She smiles like the crescent moon

Her legs, follow grace

The darkness of this world hasn’t penetrated her

She can still laugh, without fear

I imagine what our conversations might be

each date, a dream

I could love her

I could love my life,

if she would love me.

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