If you discover who you are

nothing else matters

you will be alone, for years, to accomplish this—or at least I was.

Perhaps, some people discover this by being around other people, more

But I have a need to get back to myself—then, to be around other people.

It helps to read words of honest men.

Soon, you can spot the liars, but that’s not what I’m writing about here.

It’s the lives people live

or don’t live

until they die.

Each man must pick a career

I must thank my parents here

They insisted that I go to college

and the time would’ve been lost, if I didn’t go.

I learned to love impractical professions

in high demand

psychology and leadership

Nobody wants to be a leader, not really

it doesn’t pay

and neither does, listening to people’s problems

but the skills acquired

are interesting,

and “interesting” gets me through.

It’s not what I am going to do

that matters

It’s who I am going to become.

When I was 12, I liked books, and my imagination.

I asked my dad, questions of religion, that didn’t make sense.

It wasn’t the knowledge that I had, that I cared about

it was what I didn’t know, that I wanted to find-out

and write about

during my moments alone.

I visited my dentist today

and everyone there

has a job.

“We just need to do this a little more perfect,” the hygienist said.

And when she couldn’t get it right, she called in the doctor

He got it perfect

Most of the workers there, do what they’re told.

I stared out the window, into the cold blue sky

thinking, If I had to be who I think these people are

I couldn’t do it.

“You seem so Zen,” she said.

I checked.

I was.

I hadn’t noticed.

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