Dusty suits in a company closet

and there’s a skirt, too

the garage is full of Ferraris

the site was condemned, 20 years ago

the law books, are out-of-date

the building is owned by the government

nobody wears the clothes

nobody drives the cars

Somebody, isn’t there

because they never worked there

It was full of competent people

who told themselves they were competent

they wrote it, in their underwear

they banged each other to get to the top

and they became pregnant with success

their babies were adopted

by the rule-maker, who orchestrated

their band, of small-town-songs.

Now, indoctrinated disciples are dispersed

like seeds, blown, by the winds of power.


feels the breeze

and uses it for their own purpose.

The trick

isn’t to challenge God


to not need to.

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