If you do what feels right

and you stop explaining


your nature will open-up, like clouds

exposing, a limitless blue sky.

I admire


because they do what they want

and the test is how well you can do it

like any addiction, it has to be defeated each day.

People can’t wait to sleep

because they have nothing to look forward to.

It’s not crazy, to be you

and the more often that you do you, the more sunlight there will be

the rain falls on the depressed, and they throw buckets at each other

Their opinions, belong to them

Don’t exchange shame with shame

The world is waiting

for your gift of grace.

9 thoughts on “Esoteric Extremist

    1. Yes, I know the feeling, taurusingemini! The mountain doesn’t need to defend itself; it just is. Become big enough, stay silent enough, and people will hike all over you. They will enjoy your beauty. They don’t criticize the mountain, unless it blows up, but then, how can they argue with a force of nature?


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