If I wasn’t ambitious,

this would be a hell of a lot easier…

The principal walked into my office, and said “this is going to sound unprofessional, but…”

and then he said something totally appropriate.

I laugh at the rebels, who don’t want to pay the price

they’re only pretending.

A girl I knew, from long ago, read one of my poems

and messaged me, because she got triggered by my words

I exchanged some civil messages back and forth (Oh, so careful, to keep any emotions out of it), but then she got more upset

so I put the angry beast out of her misery, and unfriended her.

It was humane. Most people are looking for an excuse to be upset,

because their lives are so dull. They don’t want to stop reading.

The moralizers, aren’t moral—they just want to feel comfortably superior.

If you could have the glory, from doing what you want

would you, do it?

Of course.

This would be


on the golf course—doing something difficult with style

with ease,

far away, from petty people.

Making a living at it, would be, better than gravy.

Now, I rely on poetry.

What if, there was no glory, and only ridicule

would you, do it?

I am doing it. I embrace what makes sense to me, regardless of how crazy.

“Don’t you know, that you don’t have a chance?”

“I don’t consider the odds—impossible, means nothing to me.”

I don’t think my dreams will ever materialize, but I live there, anyway

And if you hug poverty, when you might embrace riches

because you need to gamble, to be who you want to be

Would you, do it?

Of course.

People are miserable because they live with limits

There is always someone telling them what they can’t do

and pretty soon,

they start telling themselves that.

Most people make all of their life decisions

because of money

and they wonder why their dreams aren’t worth anything.

The great ambition of my life

is to be me, in all of its glory

and you would be surprised, how many

have a problem with that.

They won’t be my friends, and if they are my friends

and they find out

they will insist I change.

Once you’ve spent enough time by yourself

and you love who you are

you won’t trade that for

anything, especially not

a lack of love.

If not hate,

the world has

a lack of love.

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