I run away

from how I feel.

It hurts too bad, to deal

with the pain.

When I don’t run, it pushes me

beyond the world that I know

It’s the only way that I really grow

Not getting what I want,

and then,

not trying to get something else

the pain helps.

People are beaten, because they don’t stick with the Pain

they hear a hard “No!”

feel a stiff blow

they quit.

Each time I quit, I am defeated

but no more

I’m not going to stop,

or slow down

I am going to gamble

on my momentary pleasure

even if I never feel good again.

What is your breaking point?

When do you give-up hope?

The dream is limitless, but are you?

In the concentration camps, of World War II,

each person was lost, when they smoked their last cigarette

their will, was blue vapors.

When your situation is unfair, and you can’t find a way out,

there is meaning, there

Go to the end,

even if it means,

you don’t have a friend

and you will be

stronger than stone

all alone

and nobody ever saw

smiling rocks


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