is an idea, that we think

belongs in heaven.

They say, “Money won’t save you—and they’re right.”

but can anything save you?

I listen to old men talk about the kingdom of heaven

like they have something wonderful

at their fingertips

but they are locked into religion, like they are locked into a coffin.

If something saves you—it needs to walk on two feet and breathe

it has to be, a glowing testimony, without saying a word

If there is one way to heaven, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Is this rebellion, or stupidity?

The fact that most people want money, is a clue, to solving this crime

Where is the incentive, to murdering their lives?

Perhaps, it feels good, but most people are miserable

So, why don’t they accept salvation?

Maybe, it’s the fear of being let down

or doubting

that they actually have it.

The only way to know, is to practice salvation, whatever that might be

despite rejection, and impossible odds

I believe in writing—not for what it is

but for what it allows me to do

If you have salvation, it transitions you

into a super human being,

and this style, can’t be bought in a store

it’s the thunder in your footsteps, and the energy of your spirit

nothing defines you, but what you decide

and the fact, that the world rejects it

is proof, of how valuable it is

This is the way,

to go your own way

and to never look back.

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