If I didn’t need things, I could enjoy what they are

or, I simply wouldn’t waste my time.

People like to think they are making progress

but most of our inventions that get the most use

appeal to our vanity,

with the exception of indoor plumbing.

It’s humbling to know, we all have to wipe

even the Queen

and the President of the United States, after he wipes-out

a little shit.

How much time is wasted, for something, that isn’t purely appreciated?

We have friends, so we don’t get bored.

We write poems, so we can read them, and enjoy the applause (this rarely happens, so try something else, like singing or playing an instrument, if you need to stroke your vanity).

We want to come to the rescue, so we can be the heroes.

What happened to getting lost in romance?

If you show me a man of great love

I will show you an original.

Few people are original, because they don’t love

they only love, how something makes them feel

it isn’t real, or enduring

It might be impossible for many of us to love

The more that you love, the less you need

the rain, in the spring, can be wet, with delight

a bicycle, in the summer, makes you feel, like the wind

a sunset, in winter, is gold, under the snow

the fall laughs at death

and I laugh, while writing these words.

If I try to take a picture, I miss it

Don’t miss your life.

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