This is what it is:

your parents telling you what to do

your pastor telling you what to think

your teachers telling you what not to do

and the heroes we listen to

Why do we listen?

Why does a sound strike us, and we need to make that sound ourselves?

When we stay true

to our tune,

it will be the same

for someone else.

We liberate the lost

when we don’t listen

to the chorus.

We liberate ourselves

when we do

what we were supposed to.

It is as simple as that

amid voices, saying “Hey you! What are you doing?”

When they find-out your art

they will try to color it with crayons

or compare it to what they love,

which is no love at all

but a value,

given to them

by the crowd

judging taste, by the number of cars

frequenting, the driving-through

of the fastest

fast food restaurant.


it’s a spiritual discipline

and when you get hungry

make your own art

and dine on the delicious



and guts

like a cannibal

who has to eat himself, to stay alive.

Pour some wine

and listen to them whine

while you drink the life-blood

that keeps you singing

offering, salvation

like your better angels

while you do the deed in the dark

that glowing spark

that keeps you warm

into the cold

lonely nights.



Make a child that will sing on its own

If you can give your work life

you are a soul creator

a god

who needs a reason

to stay alive


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