Most of your steps will be wrong, like a clumsy dancer

tapping the woman, in the red dress, on the shoulder

who is waiting for the best man, with a perfect physique, and a form-fitting tuxedo.

Born to lose, the awkward man, tries

he doesn’t learn the lessons

life teaches him—

a jester for the crowd

a mockery of mediocrity

Doesn’t he have any dignity?

Why can’t he settle for 8th place, rather than trying to win this race?

Pride, keeps most of us in line

waiting for smooth timing

An awkward move, causes beauty to react

like a judge, sentencing you, to the gas chamber

We don’t do, we pretend to

Our ego elevates us, to artificial heights


fortune, scorns a loser, who courts fate

there are demarcations of destiny that decide nature’s way

and the rest

hold out their thumbs on the highway

A beautiful woman, decides a man’s future, like an expiring timeline

with so little time, he has to become what he wants, Now!

and who he is,

is so far away from what he has learned

that time laughs

like the crowd.

To ignore your place

like an inhospitable guest

who sits at the head of the table

ignoring the host

who convinces everyone

to leave

is to allow worms and fire to consume you

while you eat the feast in anonymity.

What good is your own mystery, if no one cares to read it?

What good is survival, if your peers are hitch-hikers, drug-dealers, and those with obscene sentences?

It really is, “Get Rich or Die Trying.”

The forces inside a man, pull-him-apart, so that he can re-form himself

Not to be right

but to be the kind of wrong

that can get

what he wants.

It isn’t in the getting, that gives him

what he desires

but the ability to hunt, and kill, what can’t be killed

to poach the king’s deer, and declare himself to be a king.

It is not for him, to talk to a common girl, and to have common children

And to live in a common house

It is to violate the common law

to steal away the woman in the red dress

to do, what he is not supposed to

Perhaps, he is possessed by Pride

like the devil, in red

His insane ego

wants to be


than life.

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