I believe,

all problems

can be solved

with a perfect routine.

I have been searching for this

like the elixir of life, my whole life.

Carefully planned routines, have flaws

that must be perfected.

Waking up early, is important, but if you don’t have energy

it is the worst time of day

to be awake.

A lack of energy is due to poor diet, not enough exercise, too much exercise, the changing seasons, too much stress

not enough stress, a lack of inspiration (due to not reading, or not living life)

too much inspiration (because of too much reading, or too much life, i.e., too much stress)

the variables for a perfect routine

are like chaos

with exponential moves.

If you can control this game, before it begins

you can control life

like God.

It’s impossible,

but I love to play, probably because

it’s impossible.

The reason for the perfect routine

is satisfaction.

It’s a feeling of deep accomplishment

regardless of what the day tries to do to you.

If you are able to kill time in the evening, laughing at your favorite TV show

for a thrill, because you are really laughing at the day

You Won!

You did what you wanted to do, like your last hour on earth

Sorcery or Magic or Wisdom

is being able to control yourself


create the world around you.

What if

you envision, the perfect day

and it happens, just the way, you thought it?


life is not happening to you.

To be a great sorcerer, is to expand your universe


at the smallest point of light

in your imagination

Then, you can do anything.

11 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Routine

      1. Here’s what I just thought of: try eating something rich in sugar and then sitting down to write. Apparently sugar is fuel for the brain and so it should get it revved up nicely. 🙂

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      2. I had a bar of chocolate the other day and it get me writing very prettily. That’s my only drug to be honest. I haven’t even had coffee since I was a teenager. Good luck on finding your solution. It’s out there. Keep the faith. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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