Love must be your heartbeat

don’t give up on love

there are battles in the board room

and in the streets

I don’t care

about their,

insecure egos, or need to dominate me


Do they think I don’t know?

they torcher the helpless child, they restrain the man

the harsh elements of life and death

are better, than the social war.

My life has never been perfect.

When I was doing well, in one area

it was a deep dark hole, in the other

People tossed stones in there, to hear them hit the bottom

those who know, make sure you know, that they know, what you need to know

they make you feel bad about going to them for the answers

The game is so absurd, I would’ve quit playing

long ago

if I didn’t need to survive.

Love, can make a cold dark well a hospitable home

it can make you warm, in the worst conditions

Love doesn’t care about status or success

it is the secret of my endurance

The more of your life that you love, the less you think about cutting things off

a hand, or

eye, or

leg, or member, is part of you

just like family members and friends

that annoy you

Perhaps, a job, or situations causes you pain

and rather than amputating them


It should keep you alive, like your heartbeat

every place you go, you should love

the most boring situations belong to you

when you can use them

the most ridiculous people I know

become food, for creative stories

Sometimes, I’m a cannibalistic serial killer

I don’t categorize,

or wish I was somewhere else

I can only control myself, and the rest, I write about

I love quiet mornings, and quiet thoughts, that become loud

I love running in the cold rain, and coming home, to a good book, and a warm bed

I will never quit

Those without love will die

I play golf like a religion

I love wisdom

I play the piano, with love, with no need for an audience

I join the centuries, when I play classical music

and there is something beautiful about words flashing across my computer screen

in silence

Maybe, the world will get loud because of me

but fame is not a friend I care to know

It’s becoming great

as a man—not by any definition that can be found

God will give it to me

like a sound

like that work of art that I call “good”

love makes a man a giant, that the villagers feed

it is the ultimate weapon, that doesn’t need to be used

it is a choice

choose love,

I recommend it.

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