Campfire sparks are burning like beacons of hope

that can only warm one person

on a cold night

Society doesn’t know about the young forest between suburbia

between struggling families with enormous mortgage payments

with all kinds of pressure

that provide meaning

Fears, that can never be big enough

Sparks, like time

born out of the fire

inspiration, that vanishes, like forgotten words

the river and woods that cut through the city

are a reminder

that what we build, will vanish, likes sparks in the night

If you are going to change, let it be a change, that sets you on fire

there is no going back from that

your desire, for fire, is contrary to a wet world

where green leaves, and threatening thunder, don’t strike you, the way they should

an education is the most dangerous gift you can give yourself

because it teaches you, the world isn’t right

it doesn’t come from being taught

what others want you to know

it comes from learning what can’t be unlearned in the library

it will burn you, and you can never make your life beautiful again

time, is a pressure, that tells us not to be wrong

while we are going the wrong way

and to turn around,

and walk back

is to turn our backs on what we know,

to betray our dangerous decisions.

We can wind-up in the woods one day

self-educated, with secrets, nobody cares about

if we don’t settle on solid ground, we become like sea birds

tossed in the trade-winds, unwilling to trade our dreams


a short-cut to reality

where people know, we will eventually fall

death is to be, where someone else, wants us to be

life is in the air.

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