Can we trust our fear—

especially, when it seems logical?

As soon as you are labeled by society, anything you say, is suspect

It’s the insane asylum—where doctors are right, and patients are crazy

involuntarily committed, some, are lobotomized, to make docile, and easier to control

some, are convinced they are crazy, and need reeducation therapy

Being violent and right, might be better than being docile and wrong

Who has the right to tell me I am wrong?


How do they decide?

In our present-day society, there is a fear of being labeled




This fear is wielded by those who claim to be living in fear

to fight fear with fear, is the way of society

Doctors are always right, because they are doctors

the insane are always wrong, because they are insane

The same is true, for those who feel fear

in my present job, a male administrator is not allowed to correct a female teacher

because of an unspoken rule

it is danced around, like, “I wanted to be superman, but suddenly, I couldn’t solve every problem. That’s when I called our female administrator.”

He wants to say the right thing, so he is socially correct, but he is so very wrong.

Perhaps, he is worried that a woman under suspicion, might say “anything” that would make the problem larger.

This is true

Women are believed, and men are thought to be guilty, until proven innocent.

It’s dangerous to be a man, confronting a cornered woman.

Society holds its courts of opinion, silently, or not so silently

Men instruct men, on the standards

I went to dinner with some friends, and I mentioned that testosterone makes a man, a man, and nothing else.

“Oh—you can’t say that,” my friend’s fiancé, told me.

I went on… “People have been socialized to believe that social norms are created by society, but they spring from the well of biological roots.”

“That’s not true,” he said. “Men are leaders because they have oppressed women.”

This makes no sense to me.

He continued, “To say otherwise, is to be misogynistic.”

The label.

Once you are labeled, anything you say, is insane.

“It doesn’t really matter,” I said. “Knowledge should be kept to oneself.”

“That’s speaking like an engineer,” he said.

He had read a book, and believed what it said. He screened all information, based on his new belief. He disagreed with me, and told me I was wrong.

There is only one type of person more dangerous than an ignorant one—an ignorant one who reads books.

What I meant was, a man of high testosterone will immediately be recognized as a leader, especially by women.

He will be judged to be the most competent, and females will defer to his authority, even when they know more than he does

and especially when other men of less testosterone, know more than he does

this is why software engineers, or intelligent types, do not become leaders

their intelligence, is too difficult to understand.

Humans trust testosterone, which affects tone of voice, body posture, scent, and eye contact. We read body language, and not theoretical abstracts.

When women defer to a man, they signal his status, which makes him appear to be a leader.

He is highly desirable, because, women have selected him.

At dinner, my friend’s fiancé suggested the following, “I am about to be married, and you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Because he has been selected by a female, he perceives, that he must be doing something right.

But he made the following assumption: The number 1 priority for all men, is to get married, and by doing so, their status increases, because a woman has selected them. He knows this socially and subconsciously, but not rationally, the way I am outlining here.

A woman also controls him. Historically, this has been the case. A woman only does so, successfully, when she respects him. He wants her validation, and will go to war, to a certain death, to obtain it.

A woman can only respect a man who does this. It is not for his intelligence, hence—intelligence does not make him a competent leader to females.

What makes him a competent leader, is testosterone.

Social norms, today, have abolished the man’s authority, and increased his responsibility, which disincentivizes him. Many women, no longer respect men. What is the result? A majority of men engage in masturbation (or the depletion of their semen). They have been educated (by feminists) to believe their semen has no value, and masturbation is healthy.

Semen is a man’s life-force. When recycled into the blood-stream, every seven days, it fills the blood with testosterone.

Semen makes a man, a man, and a natural leader. It will increase his immune system, his vitality, and his strength. Why have testosterone levels in men been decreasing for the last 40 years in Western society?


Why have women become leaders in Western society? An abundance of unmotivated weak men, who have not needed to be strong. There is a reason why all major religions preach against lust. It makes men weak.

And when men become weak, society fails. It will be conquered by strong men.

Society is maintained by women, but it cannot be built without masculine men. Civilization is enforced by the female collective. Today, women can hold men accountable, but increasingly, men cannot hold women accountable. This is because women do what is in their best interest, or they think they are doing what is in their best interest. The government has deceived them into believing they do not need a man. In this way, the government exercises more control over society. Afterall, in today’s society, a man is useless and incompetent, right? Look at TV. Bart Simpson. Men are laughed at. And people will say, it’s only comedy, but jokes are funny because they are true.

Men have lost their morality, and they have been told, “it’s no big deal.” This is a lie.

Women can only respect a man, if he is virtuous. So, I am advocating for a strong Western society. And the way that Western society becomes strong, is the following:

Men turn away from lust. If a man retains his semen for 90 days, he will be extremely attractive to women, confident, purposeful, more intelligent, more creative, and he will consider God for the first time in his life. He will stop complaining about his situation, and he will tell other men, about morality that works. I know this is an unusual post, but I believe it’s an important one. True morality is logical, and false morality is insane. Western society is insane right now! If you are a man or woman, don’t argue with my opinions. Do what a wise person does, and put information into practice, in order to test it. That is the only way knowledge becomes wisdom. We learn from experience, when we test our knowledge against reality. I’m wishing you all the best, and let’s build a strong Western society.

-Intellectual Shaman

18 thoughts on “My Fear of Women and Western Society

  1. I know many many women who do not respect testosterone unqualified. I knw many many many men who do not automatically defer to men who display testosterone. Sometimes “intelligent’ people become leaders… it has much to do with how effective they are at getting their own ego out of the way. Leading by serving. I know many many hapless women who cluelessly try to emulate testosterone-driven authority or power. The reason Western society is undergoing chaos so blatantly (it has been building subtly for over a century to those who know how to observe) is because a spiritual transformation is underway, and they are always accompanied by destruction and transformation of existing orthodoxy and power structures. Many people do not understand this change, but feel an inner response to it nonetheless. Lastly, preservation of semen is not a Western ideal but ironically an Eastern one. You find it in Zen practice and also in esoteric Chinese sources, as a means for conserving and concentrating male power. How such power is used is what matters, not whether one has it. Female power also exists, and is equally vital to solving the present situation. Thank You.

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    1. Indeed there are many kinds of leadership. Leading by serving is an excellent example, Stolzy. Testosterone leadership is unmistakable and important, and needs to be paired with strong moral compass. Abstinence is not the only way to boost testosterone. Physical exercise, muscle training is very effective as well!

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    2. Hi Stolzy, I agree with what you say. I will say, semen retention can be found in the New and Old Testaments. It is associated with Buddhism, and Islam. When I began this practice, my spiritual life transformed. I was not expecting that. From personal experience, the longer I go on retention, the more people change around me. It is my own personal opinion, that servant leadership has been emphasized too much in recent years. I believe it is very effective, but it seems like many men identify with servant leadership because it’s culturally appropriate in the West. I’m not saying that’s why you suggested it. Jesus was a servant leader, and he remains one of the most influential figures in history. He was also on retention. The significant changes, after retention, are the most I have ever experienced in my life. Humans change around a man on this practice, especially women. I am not a humble man (working on that) and still, retention is a game changer. Women defer to me, always. They are reticent to challenge me. The amount of respect I get, is phenomenal. The cool part–any man can change their life in 90 days from doing this. I really appreciate your thoughts on my blog, Stolzy! And thanks for reading!


  2. Hi Andy! This post has both made me laugh and respect your opinion. I had never ever thought that this topic could affect you so deeply. However, life happens.

    I’m glad that you expressed yourself.

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  3. A thought provoking article and I’m not sure I agree with everything you say as I think there is more to strength and leadership than testosterone. However, I do agree that modern Western society underestimates the power of biology. At the end of the day we are flesh and blood animals.

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  4. It took me a couple readings, but I think you are on to something. I wonder if what you describe could be related to the widespread use of female hormones in the oral contraceptive pill starting in the early 1960s which produces significant changes in the woman’s hormonal make-up. By dramatically decreasing the probability of pregnancies from intercourse, it effectively decoupled sex from babies and an effect of sending a broad signal to the culture that promiscuous sex was less unacceptable, further weakening masculinity by causing even more “wasted” semen. The pleasure of male orgasm has a powerful addictive potential and as pornography became less unacceptable, it fed into the whole problem you describe.

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