It always feels better

to save money

or to save time

not to wait in line

and to get green lights.

It doesn’t feel right, like, the universe smiled on me

and frowned on everybody else.

It’s like when you are on vacation, in the middle of the day

and everybody else is doing something monotonous

in those moments, it helps, not to have any empathy

and even better, a psychopathic sensibility

Otherwise, you can’t enjoy your cherished time

the lonely man, who knows his loneliness is a good trade

enjoys a theater movie, while the building is burning

and the patrons are running for the exit,

trampling each other, to survive

But what will they do, after the show?

I’m eating popcorn, now, while the skylights fall, and the curtains catch on fire

Lawrence, doesn’t need to drink water, like a Western man

I feel that way

Let the hordes of humanity come

Let them bring picks and shovels

Let them say, “We are right,” in the name of God or the State or their own personal opinions

I am wrong

a holiday is a holy day, in hell.

Having friends over, is not my style

It’s time to myself

it’s the ability to hide

Being invisible

makes me invincible

neither needed, nor wanted

Totally at peace

a vice, I don’t want to escape from

What would happen if someone was capable of sharing the same space with me?

Probably, what happens to the couple downstairs

She screams

He listens

She screams, some more

He listens

then he can’t take it, anymore, and the door slams

The world is divided into people who scream and those who listen

I don’t hear good conversations

People, are tired of each other

tired of work,

tired of waiting for the weekend,

tired of doing time

They don’t know what to do with themselves

They are waiting to die

waiting to live

waiting to be told what to do

I feel better, when I’m not waiting for anyone or anything

My sense of waste is gone

I had a dream, last night

where my boss told me, “I admire your individualism, but I want my team with me, to receive equal credit.”

I argued with her, and explained myself in my sleep.

It didn’t matter. She still thinks the same.

I’m starting to think, I’m valuable.

I was hanging-out with my friends, yesterday

and they were talking about, being out of place and time

in their careers, and relationships

“I only make 19 dollars an hour, and I’m 30, but if I stay in school, I’ll make more than my age,” she said.

“I have a friend, who has never worked, never gone to college, and never been in a relationship,” I said. “All he does is exist, and he loves his existence.”

They didn’t understand that.

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