there is nothing, so satisfying, as being the light

in a dark room

When you walk in, faces dim

your presence, changes that

some resist—they have to

to go along with you, would be, to get drunk on light

this world is dark, and the people in it, are lost

the light, begins with you, and ends, with other points of light

at first, you are sleeping in the dark, and you can’t breathe

because, something wakes you up

a lack of air

an invisible lack, you can’t see in the dark

you turn-on your reading light, but the words are a waste

someone wrote something

who is lost

finding those who are found

is an anchor, in the library

through swirling gales of TV

and news,

meant to confuse

You find a point of light, that spreads

and those who are found

are profound

It takes time, to understand

Their simple words are not meant to confuse

Turning complicated, into Simple

is an Art.

It becomes a craft, to Cultivate light

Only use it for good

Don’t spread darkness, for your own gain

Those who do, while they have the Truth

are devils.

4 thoughts on “The Devils in the Darkness, and You, the Light

  1. Elegant and radiant work of poetry, IS. “News meant to confuse.” I Love how this imagery of the neon screen adds to the motif of darkness. Lost in a dark room. “Those who are found are profound.” You sure found it here!

    Liked by 1 person

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