“I need to write!” I yelled.

but the writing gods did not respond

I played the piano, trying to think of a good story

but none came to me.

Knowing where to dig, is not enough

excitement, is an ingredient, in your creative soup

You have to get excited, about discovering, what’s hidden

Writing can’t be your life

because your life must be wrong, and so right

to write

Curiosity and Creativity are lovers

Set them up on a date, stoke their passions

with perfume

and candle light

and you still might not get, the chemistry just right, to write

If you write to make a statement beyond black ink

you aren’t ready

Writing is a mythical creature, found in the dark forest

It’s the only magic I know

People have told me, it’s not practical

or I’m doing my real life harm, when I live in my imagination

but they don’t know what writing is

Anything worth doing, requires fairy dust

Otherwise, we become mechanical

and with enough reason, we realize

a city, is a city

and not a place with magical lights

a golf course is a field, with flags and holes

and nothing can be accomplished there, but drunkenness

So, where do we get our fairy dust from?

Friends–the ones who can’t be bought, and tell us

who we really are

Magic, has to be found

like love, for the first time

or a talent, you never knew you had

life isn’t logical or linear

it’s a dark field at night, where fireflies get tossed in the wind, and congregate

To have a life, worth living, requires entrance, into another world

where doors, sometimes, lock you out

because, they don’t yield by command

People who talk about responsibilities and stress

like a badge of status, don’t believe in anything else

It’s easy to neglect other kinds of power

when you think you have it

Writing, is not the sound of a typewriter

or the red, underlined words, of a word processor

Writing, is the world you find, for yourself

and with a choice, you can choose, not to come back

and that’s okay

because most of us, walk away, from doors

and if we walk on through, sometimes, we get locked out

We wonder…is it worth it? Is it time, to join adult life?

but I don’t think so

Magic, can only be known, in this state of mind

It is not the mind of the masses.

It is true power.

Doors will open,

when you write.

9 thoughts on “Doors Will Open, When You Write

  1. Loved this post! “Curiosity and Creativity are lovers” fantastic!

    I’ve penned a poem about “lovers” as well. It’s titled – Untamed! Do give it a read and share your feedback.

    Liked by 1 person

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