Love doesn’t want us

and then, we don’t want love

there is no spark, to burn down the forest

We try one love, and then another

it’s a lighter, that doesn’t light

we have to keep trying, into the black night

the cold bitter frost

that steals our warmth

while we try, and try, and try

it’s an awkward kiss

How can a man with an alcoholic brain, write?

How can the king of coke, do the deed, like he stole it?

Why do the beggars, in the street, have to beg for more?

I get worse, at being worse, because I practice it

like mammon, selecting prostitutes

I think “pretty good,” is the phrase

bitterness, like coffee, in bed

my mind, is dead

this non-creative brain, is a waking nightmare

take passion, like a prescription

give me hope

not random words or stale sentences

I want to go nuclear

rather than whimpering like a baby

without nourishment

drowning in a mud puddle

listening to the sound, that grates my brain, like cheddar cheese

I climb hills, even if they aren’t mountains

I keep going

what choice do I have?

I take comfort in discomfort

accepting the unacceptable

because love endures, despite no love at all

it’s a fat wife, who nags

a father, who beats his children

I’ve never known perfect love

It leaves,

like a mother who forgets her son at school

What is life teaching us?


4 thoughts on “Falling In and Out of Love

  1. The erosion of love is seen in bedrooms, in cars (driving together) and in dining out. It is the inevitable outcome of an aging relationship among weak couples, but it is particularly sad in the young and often found in middle-distance couples.

    The progress of lawsuits is broadcast on the internet, on tv stations, and on radio stations. It is the deep dive of angry people, but it is the face of the crazed and often melded with prior sins.

    “I really doubt,” I say, “that either lawsuit or love has much to do with who we are as a people. Setting fire to our furniture, we’re left with an exercise mat to sleep upon, have our friends stolen from us, and led a life of total uncertainty.”

    — Catxman

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