Don wore leather jackets, and drove Mustangs

there were five hairs growing out of his bald head

When I got hired, he was the only male psychologist

then he retired.

I phoned Lorraine… “Central Services…”

“Hi Lorraine—I need protocols.”

“You are just like Don,” she said.

My first year, I was ambitious

My second year, I wanted to rule the roost

My third year, I was hen-pecked

My fourth year…

“You are just like Don,” the lead psychologist said.

Female psychologists can get inside your head

I got the feeling, I was male

and not much else

the lead psychologist was always helping me

while gathering information

to use against me

“Andy has a question…”

“You don’t know that?”

A man might say, “Not okay.”

But in the world of women, everything is indirect

When I was applying for an administrative job

the PhD psychologist said, “Oh—you should apply for the data analyst position—you would be perfect for that!”

I looked it up

15 dollars an hour—clerical

a slap in my face

Don talked about boats, all day

Now I know why

he was trying to stay afloat

after he pulled-out

his hair.

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