We build our character




like an invisible wall

that must be defended

not from enemies, outside

but from enemies, within

Character, decays, like bad teeth—

we rarely smell it,

until we put our masks on

We protect others, while suffocating ourselves

Why worry about character?

It’s invisible to those without it

Our heart is more than an organ

it’s the small decisions we make in the dark

that become our truth

There is a fear,

of being just as invisible as our character

The thought is…

no one will remember


isn’t working on my character, a certain kind of futility?

but there is the call to do what is right

and not to be fooled

by clever liars

a man cannot lead, when he does not know who he is

confusion, is to believe, there is no truth

and a religious war without reason, is a conviction, without knowing why

there is evil in this world

and your character is a castle

defend it

with your life!


2 thoughts on “Your Character is a Castle—Defend it with Your Life!

  1. Clever liars and the ennemies within are sometimes two faces of the same coin, or rather two edges of the same sword, the one you might be using ,if unfortunate enough, to defend your character, with your life…

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