I’m losing my soul.

It’s not enough, to make it.

You might say, “What would you need to make?”

I create my own life

It’s difficult to want, the high hanging fruit

if you don’t have a way to get it.

My competence is in decline…

the dream, is only a dream

With desperation, I control, only what I can see


My neediness is always in the background

until I want the fruit—

so far, out of reach

and then I rear up,

and give up

because neediness, needs.

I was not feeling well, by myself

And a helpful family-member told me, “You need to feel well, before you can spend time with others.”

So, I got to where I was feeling good—and then I didn’t need to.

The things that this life can offer

I don’t want

I am content to be dead

Is this what they were talking about?

The trappings of life, are bait, for traps

the pleasure wheel,

takes us

where we don’t want to go

All I want

is to be needed

it’s a neediness

we all need.

3 thoughts on “A Neediness We All Need

  1. I hope it’s not true, you are losing your soul and that you are content to be dead. You offer an incredible contribution with your poetry. This piece made me sad, but I hope you find the inspiration to be less harder on yourself and softer on others.

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