They tell us to win friends and influence people

and to do this, we must not criticize

Watch what happens when you do

People, who were pleasant—no longer are

Their character depends on the situation, which really isn’t character, at all

it’s revealed

when someone is squeezed

what they have inside, comes out

and they might say, “I’ve never acted that way before!” or “I didn’t mean to!”

Don’t believe them


is the medieval method

to know, whether or not

someone is in league with the devil

the inquisitors used stones.

We are afraid to make enemies because we aren’t strong

We are afraid of being disliked or socially shunned

and mark my words, if a polite person feels slighted

they will murder you, behind your back

At times, a brazen bully will point out your error

like they have never made one

It’s best to use this unexpected attack

to test yourself

Did I feel a sliver of fear?

Enemies are a way to test our strength

Insecurities, must be examined

Fear constricts us, and chokes us—it makes us unnecessarily conservative

Watch what happens when you master the bold move

When you say, “No.”

When you cast-out fear

then, you are limitless

Anger is unnecessary—it betrays our lack of control

As we cultivate enemies, we will be tested

We might not get ahead, but we will grow

Strength is worth more to us than our relative position

because we must endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune—

as we ascend

Only then,

will we be



6 thoughts on “The Man Who Would Be King

    1. Oh–I love Jordan Peterson! He has so much style under pressure. He is a much needed voice in the West right now! I watched the video. I think I have seen it before, but not sure! He is able to cause people to think–who seldom do. If more men with morals had balls, the world would be better off! Thanks for sending me the video, observation blogger!


      1. I’m delighted you admire him. Out of all the tough press interviews he’s done, this is my favourite. The reactions by both interviewer and interviewee are priceless here. I wish I could have seen his doodling too on that paper haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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