Pete told me, “You aren’t ready yet, but you might be.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re still listening, and you have fire in your eyes.”

I looked him in the face—I could see, flaming black holes, there.

“What’s this—some kind of magic?”

“You could say that, but it’s available to us all, if we would just tap into it.” He knocked his ball six inches from the hole.

“Why don’t we?”

“People are not paying attention to the way of all things. They want to conquer, what can’t be conquered.”

“I see.”

“The way won’t give us what we want—it exists to instruct us in the way. By following it, we will have all we need.”

“But don’t you own four companies and millions in real-estate?”

“Yes—by society’s standards, I am successful, but only by living according to the way, have I been able to enjoy my success.”

“That’s easy for you to say, when you have it all.”

“Perhaps—but what really counts, is the fire in your eyes. Most people lose that. It’s the belief, in better things to come. It’s the limitless universe, waiting to be explored.”

Just then, the cart girl pulled up. “Do you boys want any snacks or beer?”

“We’re fine,” Pete said.

Jenny drove off. She was looking good—curves and blonde hair.

“Women are closer to the way, than men. Nature selects. But remember, nature can’t see potential, and it doesn’t care about that.”

“Where does belief come from?”

“Belief is a seed that grows, and it does so, effortlessly. It cannot be modified, or controlled—otherwise, it ceases to be belief. Most men lose their belief, because they need their control.” This time, Pete knocked his ball into the hole with his 60-degree wedge.

“That was one heck of a shot!”

“Thanks—now you try. Close your eyes and swing.”

I knocked my ball into the woods. “What went wrong?”

“If you worship the result, you won’t understand it.”

Playing with Pete was a revelation. I wasn’t sure that I believed him, but I was sure that he believed his own bullshit. I guess, if you’re successful, it doesn’t matter. Pete was interesting—and there weren’t many golfers like that.

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