There are many ways to make a living

but only one life

that is acceptable

to you.

This life is more valuable than the others


the minutes go by

beyond money

beyond, being blended

with other lives.

Separation, from the whole of humanity

Separation, from needing a job

Separation, and wanting to do something,

with the time that you have left.

Moments of separation in your past

where you thought about who you might become

and the wars you fought to be

somebody else,

with the stiff knowledge,

that you are not.

People don’t want their destiny

It doesn’t promise dollars

or praise

or power

and DOING it,

is total fulfillment.

Having some mission, like a truck driver hauling seed

or a mother, dropping her son off at the library

or an intellectual, taking a stand against society

is a declaration

of your destiny—

the kind-hearted professor, to the arrogant one

who knows, but doesn’t understand.

Just because you achieve


doesn’t mean that you are better

but there is a better life

for you to live.

People won’t envy you

They will pity you.

It’s like listening to the anger of the world

while you lie in bed alone

and all the world knows

is that you are alone.


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