The boy with an awkward bent

looked at the confident wrinkled man in a suit

who was going to determine his future

Power comes in two varieties—the most common

are those who get on top, through dealing

and saying the right things.

It takes so much sacrifice, that raw undisciplined talent

is a slap in the face to those who must be in control

and those with talent, who don’t understand the rules

quickly get eaten by the gods.

The least common of all—is the power that erupts from the insides


and cool

It’s a natural mirror

that doesn’t reflect the vampires

because there’s no soul there

to see

and the soul that does look into the mirror

doesn’t try very hard

He’s empty

so that he can be full.

There are people who don’t want to be part of life

They capture others

in photographs.

Times vanishes, and they don’t have their own memories

just their victims, 

in still life.


is for the unprogrammed robot

living in the present

with a dangerous dance.

Nothing about his gate

or face

is fake

it’s all genuine—especially, when people need to hurt


their ugliness becomes uglier

while his face, becomes more beautiful

They can’t have it,

no matter how much they want to rip it,

from the mirror.

They built it

because they recognize an image of value

that speaks a language they will never know

It’s the man who turns his back on God

It’s the man who says no to religion

It’s the man who doesn’t want to be his father

It’s the man who has been given life

and doesn’t need to repay it.

Family sees right through him

no matter who he thinks, he would like to be

He can’t escape, those who know him best

and when they leave, he will lose everything.

He is just starting out

His past is short

And his future, is a certainty.

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