Creativity can’t be forced

Like a cat

you must wait patiently, until it crawls into your lap.

I’ve been cleaning all day

organizing my books, I will never read

trying to find DVDs, and overdue lost CDs

the library is sending me threatening letters now

suggesting, I might lose my library card

I guess government employees need something to do

Just reassure them, don’t make waves, always have a smile on your face

like a Cheshire cat.

I give advice to myself, on the toilet, where I do most of my serious business

the brown ring, must be destroyed

in the land of Mordor.

Some days, are big idea days

and others, small.

My bathtub has a pink cat ring around it

My refrigerator, is growing carrots, from the 10-pound bag, I bought 6 months ago

My neighbor is having sex right now—he does her morning and night, while she screams—ehhhhhhh

He works in education, and drives a Honda CRV, and has a new girl smoking weed with him every night

I left my window open, and nearly hallucinated

I don’t get it—these are high-end apartments—but the riffraff is unbearable

She screams and wakes me up—He laughs like a madman

I thought he was going to throw her off the balcony

like a homicidal Romeo.

I know so many things about them, without wanting to know them

I guess my neighbors watch me, and I wonder who they think I am?

I was asking myself that, on the toilet earlier today

It’s safe to say, today is a big idea day

I just received my new novel, right out of the sky

Merry Christmas Mr. Johnson!

Thanks, Creative Cat Gods

And an Egyptian New Year.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Creative Cat Gods and an Egyptian New Year

  1. Good read. (Shameless self promo: you gotta read my next (12/20) – or next next (also 12/20) blog, “Human Behavior”. Fits in with your “research” room.) So, eh, I may NOT be crazy. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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