I watch the secretary I know

taking her daughter around the corner

to go shopping.

It’s funny to watch desperate men

hold onto desperate jobs

and then

watch desperate women

challenge them

for holding those jobs

and the men talk back, like they did to their 4th grade teacher

and they are convicted of their male privilege

and forced to write

“I am a bad man!” ten times on the board.

I laugh, as I usually do

while society plays all sorts of strange music.

It’s a mournful dirge, with pop—absent, the father

All classical sounds are free

but society plays what it can’t afford

they consume—instead of create

and consumption is a disease

there are few angels—mostly beasts

The secretary and her daughter are angels

without money, but with family

they have enough, and they know it

and the rest of society is a sad funny song

while the girls laugh so hard, they cry

and I’m laughing too,

while I write this.

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