He drank wine in the late evenings, by firelight

toasted, amongst volumes of brown and gold books

He knew Herodotus, Achilles, and Agamemnon

the faculty knew Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Rosa Parks.

He was a student of history, gleaning power from the richest minds of antiquity

Oh, the faculty’s naivety—He complimented them on their humanitarian charms

while taking his footnotes from history—they destroyed it, they didn’t read it, they obliterated it

from young minds—there textbooks were on love and justice

while the professor read Machiavelli in the moonlight—on his long walks—on cold nights.

He would transform himself—not society

ignorance brings its own pain, its own assumptions—that everyone wants the same thing

Freedom—that’s a laugh.

It is power.

What isn’t talked about, are the threads pulling society

the illusions of reality, are shadows in the cave

Hitler, was a hero—a failed artist of paints, who became an artist of people

listening to the hate, and telling them what they wanted to hear.

Nero was insane, and the ruler of Rome

Citizens in the colosseum cheered when half-naked slave girls waved to them on floats

and then the lions were let loose,

tearing them apart, while the Romans laughed.

Nobody believed My Struggle would be the Final Solution

Nobody took him by his word—they were too focused on their hopes and dreams

Tell a person what they want to hear, and they won’t think about anything else

Stalin was nicknamed Uncle Joe by Roosevelt, and his crazy uncle murdered millions

This idea, that the world can’t exist without war

that technology will save us

that we are becoming more advanced,

is bullshit.

The war to end all wars was World War 1

soldiers thought it would be over tomorrow

then they had to carry canaries in cages, because of green gas

the inventor of the machine-gun thought he had created a weapon that would make wars obsolete

then came World War 2

the creator of the atomic bomb thought it would never be used

Then Truman dropped it, without a second thought.

The professor got a thrill from history—it was more than a paycheck

It was knowing what men will do, when they are worshiped like gods

killing kids, and roasting them like cabobs

turning them into soup, and feeding them to their fathers

anything the human mind can imagine, has already been done


that’s for the ignorant

for those who think they can be their own god

The professor enjoyed the company of fools, like cheap entertainment

and they called him arrogant.

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