The man is more beautiful

with each passing year

while the woman is worn

with too much love, or not enough love at all.

She does her makeup in the mornings

fixing her eyelashes and mascara

while the man barely has time to grab a piece of pizza

and he’s out the door.

Women get into power

and they over-inflate the importance of their work—

they trade their identity, marital status, motherhood

for dollars, for paper, for status, for a parking space.

Men have been working for hundreds of years

and they realize a job is only three letters

The boss can shove it up their ass—it’ll fit.

It’s nothing to trade their life for.

Women have been deceived, by snakes

“You can have it all. You won’t die. Men will worship you, and you can be just like a man.”

A woman in power, is like a referee

Players frequently get disqualified for foul behavior

I was friends with my boss’s husband

“I took her fishing,” Tom said. “Caught a trout, but she wouldn’t eat it. I had to eat it, myself. Would you like to come over and watch the football game this weekend?”

“Sorry Tom—but it would be weird. Your wife keeps me at arm’s length, and it would ruin our long-distance relationship.”

“You’re right,” Tom said.

He was disappointed. Beaten. He was like an old little boy who had to make his own lunches and dinners in the microwave, by spreading peanut-butter on white while his wife was at District meetings. He wasn’t going to make it. It might be true that a woman don’t need no man, but it sure as hell isn’t true, that a man don’t need no woman. Men would be insane, to say this—so, what does that say about the modern woman?


8 thoughts on “What does this poem say about the modern woman?

  1. I think it says women don’t ‘need’ men. They never have, biologically. Our job is to prove to women we are valuable to them. And It’s an extraordinarily daunting task, as she expects miracles from mortals… I’m spitballing, mixing in my personal observations here.


  2. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but unfortunately most modern women don’t think so. They say being a homemaker is “slavery”, yet they choose to work for corporations who could care less about their personal life and wellbeing. A 9 to 5 is real slavery if u ask me.

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    1. I agree Yasira, and I couldn’t have said it better! Bringing a child into the world, and raising it with your own values, teaching your child to be kind and to respect others, and to stand up for what’s right–or even just to know what’s right and wrong. If every mother wanted to be a mother, and if every father loved their children– our society would be heaven on earth.

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