“Where are you from?” She asked.

“I’m from nowhere, and guess where I’m going…”

In conversation, I hate to represent my side

If people didn’t have a side, they would be lost—

republican, democrat, atheist, believer

nobody knows who they are, especially agnostics

They just know which group they belong to.

Most of humanity hasn’t changed in the last 1000 years

There will be wars, and death, and debt, and inflation

and unqualified politicians who know the right people.

Everybody owes favors like little children who steal ice cream, from the ice cream man.

He plays his music

and they want more.

I always betray myself in the company of women

they ask

and I tell them

I fall under their spell.

I don’t find the affairs of people to be that interesting

but they insist, “tell us.”

And I go along with them

and they have contempt for me

“We made you one of us,” they say.

Which means they have contempt for themselves.

I kill time after work, in conversation

but nothing interesting is said

even though, everyone is trying

If we’re all the same, it’s okay

Each group has their own language

If you detest your interactions—

you are one of them.

They emphasize belonging, so nobody stands out

It’s the great trap, we can’t avoid

You can take a break in isolation

but when you get lonely

and come back

You are trapped.

6 thoughts on “Human Traps

  1. I choose to take few sides. Neither Republican nor Democrat. Neither Christian nor non-Christian. Always somewhere floating in-between, or outside, never quite belonging. My personality is too slippery for labels and far too full to fit in anyone’s box, including my own. Maybe this is why my life feels so peaceful and content. Loneliness doesn’t frighten me anymore.

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    1. Loneliness is a strange phenomenon… it happens most often to me when I’m at a party. I think there’s a certain kind of peace, and satisfaction, a person can get from being lonely, but being understood, and loved by the crowd is good too, even though it’s a fleeting fancy. One must always be able to go back to themselves–and be satisfied, alone.

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