All one must do, to know the current state of humanity

is to go to a public place

and wait.

If you don’t think about your dreams

you start to gather a sense of the people.

I go to the gym

where everybody watches each other

inside of mirrors.

The girls look good, with their legs, and pullies, and iPods

and they admire their bodies, and the men talk about sports.

The freak on the treadmill makes strange sounds

and I think about what I want

It all boils down to feelings…

like a chemical soup—sex, fame, adventure, and a good death.

It takes courage to live well

but Balls without a plan

ends in pregnancy—and a life, I don’t want.

The girls stretch

their muscles are tense—their buttocks are firm

gravity takes time to sag.

I pass people I see from high school in the hallways

and we pretend we don’t know each other

We didn’t know each other then

but we have shared the same space

and now, not much has changed.

It’s less lonely

on a cold mountain

without any feelings

Even the trees, seem like they care

The mirrors are worse, than looking at people directly

Everybody, looks into the mirror.


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