If we replace one drug for another

and we don’t want the demons to come

curiosity is color

What we fear

is full of emotions

and what we don’t know, takes on a whole new meaning

There are no self-imposed limits

if we are curious about the dark

Learning to find our way, requires us to see what isn’t there

Knowledge, is for the curious

who believe, the answers can be found

where others have looked.

If we love deeply, and we are curious too

the problems we face, give us something to do

and we will find them

in the dark.

Our personal alchemy, must be understood

We manufacture our feelings, when we refine what we do

Taking control, is the ultimate chemistry

where motivation and love and focus flow from

Output, is a function of belief—

our personal equation, of who we think we are

So, we must change our persona

from the inside-out

where the mask becomes the man

We must engage with our electricity

Mindful, of our expanding energy

and shock the world

with our current


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