We can only give what we have

and my friend

has the gift of friendship

like warm July weather.

Qualities exist in us

like the sun

shining through a window-pane.

Mine are more like a dreary downpour in January.

When the sun cuts through clouds

I don’t complain.

People don’t like the cold rain

Some of them carry red umbrellas, and enjoy the sound of pattering

artists, athletes, and aesthetic babes

bask in the light.

The rain

is for people running to their cars.

“How’er you do’in?”

“Just fine.”

They rarely hold a picnic there.

It is my joy

that someone can appreciate

a broad spectrum of weather.

Rainbows show-up in the rain

and too many sunny days

makes the green grass brown.

When the sun appreciates a cold drink

flowers bloom

red and blue

they soak up, what most people avoid.

People don’t want the cold hard truth

they want warm showers of light

but the wise man walks in all kinds of weather

and dresses well

for it

the seasons celebrate him

like a good friend.


12 thoughts on “The Seasons Celebrate a Good Friend

  1. I have been asked, if I could be stuck in one season which would it be? None! I can’t pick just one. All seasons have purpose, good and bad – as well as weather. I appreciate the snow, rain, spring, summer, winter and fall, sunny days and dreary ones. I can do without hurricanes and tornadoes though.

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