The fundamentals of my soul

need to be revisited

like my family—so necessary, to remain whole.

They remind me of who I was

and I cannot neglect them.

To become distant

from my fundamentals, is to lose

my sacred parts.

My purpose should be an expression of my whole

not a warped, or fractured self

glancing at broken pieces from my past,

like they don’t belong to me.

Tyrants, have no connection to their whole

their power is used to shatter dreams, they have long since forgotten.

I started out, without knowing my fundamentals

and my uncensored spontaneous spirt didn’t rehearse someone else’s song.

How can I express something that doesn’t belong to me—

to edit, criticize, or control

what I don’t understand?

My power comes from those long walks I took near the river

and not the boring board room.

To be who I originally intended to be

is the ultimate truth.

Nobody, can put that down, or say, it’s worthless

because, it requires the most courage.

The closer I am to my fundamentals

is to be the man, I dreamed of being as a boy.

I do not measure myself by others, but by my imagination—

airplanes, landing in faraway fields

knowledge, forbidden, and found.

The test of my greatness, is on the mountain

and not the false standards of men.

I have to make my mark—the one, I made, before I knew language

I have to whisper it

to myself

like a compass

pointing me

back home.


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