Saying “no”

is the most important word—

not because of the bad things we need to avoid

but the control,

“no” gives to us.

I’ve lived my life in the flow

for too long

It’s time to say “no”

It’s impossible to make sense of this life

if we don’t stop.

Trading one problem, for another

one success, for a multitude

trading lives, when none of them belong to us

Saying “no”

is the clearest answer to who we want to be

it gives us clarity—authority—a special sovereignty

a BIG life, controls us, if we can’t say “no”.

“No” gives us our individuality


don’t leave us feeling lost

if we say “no”.

“No” is a triumph of the human spirit

and the beginning of strength.


comes from not being able to say “no”.

“No” is possession, without holding onto anything

It is the final word

the line in the sand

History is built on it

the power

to say “no”.


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