What we want

can taunt us, and

tease us

getting louder, and

suddenly quiet

like a woman on anti-depressants who drinks too much wine

and talks, like a motorboat

then suddenly, she becomes self-conscious

If she is beautiful, we listen

If her insanity, makes us crazy

we are stimulated

but mostly, she tries to attract attention

and we don’t want to be alive.

The worst women never grow up

their mean girls gossip

is a tragic state

of being stuck

like a spontaneous snowflake

on a frozen mud-puddle.

When it melts

it isn’t beautiful anymore.

We live with viruses, toxins, pollution, traffic, noise, and other people

and to get away from these things

is to be in a natural state of bliss

Wanting them, is human nature

From the male perspective, he must not tolerate an annoying woman

even if she is sought after for her beauty

Why does he smell her? She is like a poisonous flower that will kill him

Men, if given the opportunity, will swim inside her pitcher plant

or get trapped inside her Venus

He doesn’t have any sense, until she gets old and ugly

and by then, it’s too late

She will be like an abandoned road, with potholes and mud

that has trapped 4-wheel drive vehicles

Men who go off-road and into her bush

are fools

The way of the superior man is to love a woman

who loves the unfortunate

She can be difficult to spot

because she doesn’t talk about it

A silent woman controls a man like a beautiful flower

He preserves her beauty in his favorite book

between the pages of his devotion

Men are like stupid worker bees who will pollinate anything

intoxicated by the most tempting flowers—

the sweetest fermenting bacteria

that sticks to them, disintegrating their being

If only men would stop pollinating poisonous plants

but nature made them that way, I guess

the poisonous plants, too

So, only a wise man will heed these words

And only a wise woman, will not get offended

Peace and Love can only be appreciated

when men are virtuous, and they value it

above beauty.


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