He realized he was crossing



a familiar path.

He wondered…

do I want to keep


and recrossing

the same path?

His rituals were like a rubber band


becoming slack

It never snapped.

There were things he wanted

but mostly, those were only representations

of who he wanted to be.

There were ways he wanted to be treated

but mostly, those were only reflections

of how he wanted to see.

Why cover-up the face

when the hands

never lie?

Having something that someone else wants

makes insecurities grow.

I would like to possess the world

if I could enjoy it.

The same is true for people

The designs of men and the designs of God

are meant to be played with.

Barriers that separate us

are still the same.

Do we stay the same

or do we stretch and grow

and if so,

what happens when we stretch too far

do we want to remember who we are

or do we even know?


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