When you are ready—it will feel more natural than breathing

it’s a choice, but so often, we can’t accept

what we have inside.

It takes time, to adjust to an eruption

to the shaking, quaking, easiness

of an explosion.

It doesn’t seem fair—that the fairies are near

though—you’ve been believing and whispering

for such a long time

the formula, is your changing mind—

the distance that must be traveled on waiting footsteps.

All your joy, was there, before you began

you have gone beyond permission

beyond easiness, and false obstacles

beyond rain, umbrellas, and warm rooms

You were playing with excuses, like mental blocks in your mind

Now, the sun inside your head

is the made-up language

you say to yourself—

a beautiful day, in every way

regardless of whether

or not

you win.


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