In college, I was too high-strung

Now, I have calmed down a bit,

and I look at the sea of humanity

and I wonder what they were doing

at the party

the illusion has worn off

Beware of the man who has lost his illusions

he is a most dangerous man.

I wait for nature to force a play

men play with nature—and when I say “Nature”

I mean, the female—

mother nature

and without any warning

men have responsibility,

as a consequence of love

A man needs to love,

but it’s better if it’s his choice

and not mother nature.


5 thoughts on “Men are Bored, and so, they Play with Mother Nature

  1. Good read. Still working on how much I buy into it. I think because I was a late-to-the-party college student, one jaded from listening to and discovering the lies fed us by denizens of the ivory towers, by Madison Avenue, by politicians left, right, and center.

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