the flame leaps higher

to burn the darkness

and the mind reaches up

for what isn’t there

the reason the flame

doesn’t catch on fire

is that it has no reason—

it’s not big enough.

the mind is toxic with smoke

when the flame

burns out

Secrets are found in knowledge

feeding our fire

but how does it grow beyond a candle?

thoughts are powerful

knaves, don’t think about them

Understanding, is the fuel of the flame

If your intelligence doesn’t reach high

let your morality do the same

your spirit is the fire

the darkness wants the light, but it cannot ask for it

it needs to be shown

only then, will it believe.

light the world on fire

most of it will go up in smoke


possess the flame


understand the void


wait patiently

around the fire

until short lives go up in smoke.

If we give our light to others

we will never go out

They will carry our torch into the darkness

and the day will never become night.

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