the best of times is when I am feeling good,

and doing something that makes me feel even better.

this is rarely when I am in the company of other people

Sometimes, people are magical, but this is extremely rare

it seems that they are always trying to be somewhere else

and they want what someone else has,

or they want other people to want what they have.

Then there are people who make me feel miserable, just being in their company

and they think I should be okay with how they make me feel

but all I know is…

when I get away from them, I feel so much better.

Life is beautiful when you don’t have to react to other people

even if you don’t say anything, there is a gut-wrenching reaction

like I ate something that didn’t agree with me.

I wait for those special days when I feel on top of the world

and it’s rarely a feeling that someone else gives to me.

Often, I think I want to feel great, but it doesn’t happen

It’s the rare day when my feelings take-over

I think something, and it happens

My feelings are stronger than my thoughts

and it seems as if I am who I want to be

on that day,

despite all evidence to the contrary.

I feel victory in every footstep

confidence in each breath

no matter if the voices are trying to take that away.

My feelings are like a hurricane

among their eddies and whirlwinds, without much force

and I don’t know how these feelings come about

but they are worth more to me

than victory

they are like the weather


between strong and weak winds

until a magical crack of dawn


between the clouds.

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