What you hold onto

you have to carry

and what you think about

becomes you.

Can we trust in the experience of others

when they trust in the experience of others?

Should we place faith in our imaginations

when we don’t know the future?

The great thrill in life, is not to know—it’s the only way we can gamble

When we know the game is lost or won, we stop playing it

Energy is free flowing—concentrated inward, or concentrated outward

to concentrate energy outward, is to give up yourself

is to give up greed

is to give up lust

is to give up.

You will be surprised what will come to you,

when you stop thinking

It will be easy to engage with others

because others will want to engage with you

Many kinds of opportunities

will fall into your lap

because your energy is genuine


Eat Healthy Foods

Avoid violence and sex

Purify your mind

Drink lots of water

Read wisdom

and sleep.

Addictions are a reoccurring drain on your energy

they are a false purpose

they ruin relationships

because they make you a slave to yourself


the most profound happiness will happen

when you overcome yourself.

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