Those who feel, that feelings are overrated

don’t know the power of a feeling.

We feel squashed by the vices of others—tightening, to control.

Feeling alive—is so rare a feeling—when we travel to unfamiliar places

or believe that we have magic at our fingertips.

Music and words come out of us like grandiosity

It’s a much-needed detachment from reality.

We have to believe that what we are doing is more important than decisions made by governments

because this significant feeling, is not so insignificant.

To feel that we matter, and to help others feel the same

is an artform—or a drug. It can’t be said plainly. It must be believed. It must be felt, to be real.

And for this feeling to be real—it requires significant proof—a major work.

But the trick is to hold onto this feeling each time you work—and there are many ways to access it

Sitting in a Ferrari, wearing a new suit, drinking espresso, enjoying a beautiful painting

and the more potent variety: playing Mozart on the piano, reading Nietzsche, exploring attitudes of the defiant and interesting

And lastly: doing it yourself, in all its glory.

If you feel like a rock star, when you are sitting in solitude

you have achieved this feeling

And it’s a feeling, I keep wanting to feel—like luck, or some mystical spiritual experience

that lands on me like a butterfly.

Success is a drug—but it’s not what we accomplish that gives us this high

It’s the feeling.

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